Philatelic Bibliopole

Leonard H. Hartmann


Other Countries covers just about everything except for US, CSA and Canada. Please look up your interest under the various name combinations as this section is not cross-indexed and unfortunately it is also not consistent in the listings. A current or former colony could be listed under the original parent country or the current or original colony name. Sorry about that!

Aden, The Postal History of British Aden, 1839-1967 by Major R. W. Pratt, edited by E. B. Proud, 1985, 274 pages, cloth, sold out

Aden, The Postmarks of Aden, Postal Markings 1839-1939 by Robertshaw 1946, 23 pages, card bound, enquire before ordering, $30.00

Afghanistan, Afghan Philately 1871-1989, by Cecil H. Uyehara and Horst G. DietrichIn English, 1995, 571 pages, cloth, only one copy available, $125.00

Afghanistan, The Postage Stamps of Afghanistan by David P. Masson and B. Gordon Jones The Sher Ali series 1870-1878, Abdur Rahman series 1880's, Rectangular Issues 1907-08. Privately reprinted by a student frustrated by the scarcity of the original work and the poor condition of originals and photocopies.

Afghanistan, The Afghan Campaign 1841-43 by Peter Collins An analysis of the 148 letters in Captain Riddell's correspondence, much history and postal history. 1973, 28 pages, card $8.50

Afghanistan, Its Twentieth Century Postal Issues by F. Patterson III 1964, 208 pages, cloth $42.50


Southern African Mails, Routes, Rates and Regulations 1806-1916 by Brian Trotter

, by the RPSL, Covering all the territories of Southern Africa, the book begins in 1806 with the Second British Occupation of the Cape of Good Hope and ends in 1916. This ranges from the period when the first postal system was available to the public to a time when the postage routes, rates, and regulations in Southern Africa were well developed. 2016, 572 + 12 pages, in color, loth with dj, published at 72£ + 26 £ = $135.00

Africa, Runner & MailCoach, Postal History and Stamps of South Africe by Eric Rosenthal & Eliezer Blum, 1969, 230 + pages, cloth with dj, $32..50

Africa, British East Africa Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery by Minns A fine and beautiful study from the Royal of London.

Africa, The P.H. and Handstamps of British West Africa by C. McCaig 1978 reprint of 1974 booklet, 64 pages, card, excellent study $12.50

Africa, History of the East African Army Postal Service by Stuart Rossiter, edited by Edward B. Proud 1982, 111 pages, cloth, limited stock, $75.00

Africa, British East Africa Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery by Minns A fine and beautiful study from the Royal of London.

Africa, Transval, The Provisional Issue of the First British Occupation by Alan R. Drysdall, 1994, 82+9+ pages, cloth with dj, only one copy available, $63.50

Africa, Transval 1878-1880 by Robson Lowe 1973, 24 pages, 50 illustrations, card, a fine plating study $15.00

Africa, Rhodesia, The Postal History of Northern Rhodesia by E. B. Proud 1997, 376 pages, cloth, $75.00

Africa, Rhodesia, The Postal History of Southern Rhodesia by E. B. Proud 1997, 623 pages, cloth, $105.00

Africa, Rhodesia, Postmarks, Postal Routes and Principal Postage Rates of Southern Rhodesia to 1924 by R. C. Knight and D. A. Mitchell Large format with fold out maps. 1984, 176 pages, cloth with dj, edition of 500, $48.50

Africa, Rhodesia, A Postal History - Its Stamps, Posts & Telegraphs by R. C. Smith, 1967, 454 pages, cloth with dj, one copy available, $60.00

Africa, Rhodesia, Mashonaland - A Postal History 1890 - 1896 by Drysdall and Collis The founding of Rhodesia, published by Robson Lowe in conjunction with the Rhodesia Study Circle, much philatelic, postal and historic depth. 1990, 184 pages, cloth, edition of 500 copies, $74.00

Africa, Nyasaland - Rhodesia Field Force 1914-18 by Drysdall & Pennycuick 1986, 148 pages plus 5 fold out tables, card, one copy available $37.50, sold

Africa, Rhodesia, Stamps and Postal History of Northern Rhodesia and Zambia 1963-1965 by Alan R. Drysdall 1976, 40 pages, card, a most complete coverage, $6.50

Postal History of Kenya by Edward B. Proud, Covers the 1890 - 1963 period. 1992, 368 pages, cloth $95.00

Africa, Rhodesia 1913 Admirals by Gerald Simpson Excellent work on the printings and varieties from Robson Lowe. 1976, 12 page self cover, $5.00

Africa, The Postal History of Nyasaland by E. B. Proud 1998, 336 pages, cloth, $75.00

Africa, Postal Service of British Nigeria Region Prior to 1914 by John Ince and John Sacher Another book from the Royal Philatelic Society in London; Summary of the history and comprehensive Postal History, Stamps and Postal Stationery of Fernando Po, Lagos, Niger Territories, Oil River and Niger Coast Protectorates, Northern and Southern Nigeria. A massive work. 1992, 576 pages, 16 in color, cloth, $212.50

Africa, The Postal History of Nigeria by E. B. Proud 1995, 888 pages, 8 pages in color, cloth, $135.00

Africa, The Cockrill work on Nigeria by M.P. Nicholson Withdrawn years ago at Philip's request, an authorized reprint by Mervyn Todd, identical to the original but not as well printed. 2002 reprint of 1982-3,

Africa, Transvaal Philately by Major Ian B. Mathews A complete coverage: external mails by Baker, Petersburg emergency issues by Bowden, Revenue and Telegraph by Crocker, Nieuwe Republic by Jonkers, Forgeries by Kaupe and Wigmore, Postal Stationery by van Zeyl, etc. In all there are 28 chapters, four color plates and 250 other illustrations.1986, $130.00, sold out

Africa, The De La Rue Georgians of South Africa by H. E. Lobdell, 1944, monograph from the CCC, 100 pages, card, limited stock, $32.50

Africa, The Union of South Africa 1910-1961 by S. J. Hagger A completely new edition of the definitive Union Handbook 1986, 300 pages, 1987 one errata page, cloth, sold out

Africa, The Triangular Stamps of Cape of Good Hope by D. Alan Stevenson, 1950, 142+15 pages, two supplements, $285.00, sold

Africa, The Handstruck Letter Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope from 1792 to 1853 and the Postmarks from 1853 to 1910 by A. A. Jurgens, 1943, 140 + 14 + plates, a xerox copy, not bound, $65.00

Africa, Postmarks of the Cape of Good Hope, 1792-1910 by Robert Goldblatt The new definitive work on The Cape, also covers Griqualand West, 480 markings, covers, history, etc, well printed, good paper

Africa, Postal History of the South African Army Postal Service by Proud Covers South West Africa, East Africa WW 1, Egypt & France WW 2, SA Army Postal Service WW 2, and FPO WW 2. 1989, 159 pages, cloth $62.50

Africa, World War I in East Africa: Civil Censorship by Regis Hoffman from the Chavril Press 2001, 24 pages, card, £6.50, $13.00

Africa, Military Mails at the Cape of Good Hope, 1795-1870 by Ken Baker 1985, 44 pages, card, a new study of considerable importance $15.00

Africa, Paquebot Marks of Africa, Mediterranean Countries and their Islands by Edwin Drechsel, 1980, 72 pages, card, new and good $18.75

Africa, Mailboat Services from Europe to the Belgian Congo 1879 - 1922 by Abbe Gudenkauf, Belgian Congo Study Circle 1983, 84 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 41, $10.00

The Postal Stationery of the Bechuanalands and Botswana by Peter Thy and John Inglefield-Watson covers the stationery, proofs and essays from 1886 to 1997, published by the British Philatelic Trust, originally at £50 but now reduced by the Bechuanalands & Botswana Society to £20 plus transit, for copies purchased before June 2008 there is a first year membership included, 2004, 184 pages, hard bound, $62.50

Africa, Swaziland Philately to 1968 by Peter van der Molen , From the RPSL 2013, 532+ pages, cloth with dj, full color, edition of 150 copies, numbered, out of print in less than six months, published £67 + 33 postage, limited stock, $172.00, sold out

Africa,The Postal History of Swaziland & Zululand by E. B. Proud 1996, 182 pages, cloth, $73.50

Africa, The Cancellations & Postal Markings of Basutoland & Lesotho Post Officves & their historical backgrund by A. H. Scott, 1980, 294 pages + fold out map, cloth, $47.50

Africa, The Postal History of Basutoland & Bechauanaland Protectorate by E. B. Proud 1996, 382 pages, cloth, one copy left $95.00

Africa, The Postal History of Gold Coast by Edward B. Proud 1995, 528 pages, 8 pages in color, cloth $115.00

Africa, The Postal Services of the Gold Coast to 1901 edited by John Sacher, Another superb work, history and philately from John Sacher 2003, 12 + 254 pages, cloth with dj, published 70£ plus transit from RPSL, $132.50

Africa, Cameroons, for British and French please see Cameroons

Africa, French Morocco, 1943-44 Tour Hassan Issues by Charles Neidorf 1953, 56 pages, card $15.00

Albania,The Stamps & Postal History of Albania & Epirus 1878 to 1945 by John S. Phipps An excellent philatelic study with much emphasis on the necessary history, quite readable.

Albania 1917 Korce

Guide to Forgeries

by Paul Eckman

2022, 33 pages, extremely well illustrated and in full color, wire spiral bound, Korce is a small town and region in Albania bordering on Greece, they issued colorful stamps that were extensively forged, $17.50

Andorra-Andorre by W. A. Jacques

Andorra by Fred J. Melville 1936, 48 pages, card, $13.50

Antigua, Codrington Correspondence, 1743-1851 by Robson Lowe 1968, 124 pages, cloth, $32.50

Arabia, The Postage Stamps of the HEJAZ by W.B.Haworth & H. L. Sargent, 1922, 63 pages, card, $62.50,. sold

Arabia, The Postal Issues of Hejaz, Jeddah and Nejd by D. F. Warren The original edition in MINT condition, edition of 350, 1927, 130 pages, tipped in map and loose plate of markings, card, new condition, $350.00, enquire

Arabia, The Hejaz A History in Stamps by John M. Wilson, 1982, 131+vii pages, card, $60.00, sold

Arabia, The Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia and the Gulf, Supplement by Neil Donaldson 1975, 280 pages plus fold out Supplement, 1994, 38 pages, all printed in blue, card, the set $285.00, sold

Arabia, Catalog of the Postage Stamps of Saudi Arabia and the Hejaz and Nejd by M. Max Mayo, 1973, 158 pages, card, $45.00

Arabia, Harry Hibbert Collection , Harmers of London, 4494-95, 1987, pr, only one copy, $55.00, sold

Arabia, The Persian Gulf by Major T.L.C. Tomkins, 1950, 100 pages, card, only one copy, $42.00, sold

Arabia, The Indian Postal Agencies in the Persian Gulf Area by Alan Parsons. For the first time the offices at Ezras Tomb, Qalet Saleh, Baghaila and the Desert Post, Euphrates Experimental Post, Ambassadors Mail, etc. 2001, 64 pages, cloth, sold

Arabia, Gulf Post Story of the post in the Gulf by Mahbub Jamal Zahedi, 1994, 129 pages, in English, some color plates, $32.50, sold

Arabia, Oxford Regional Economic Atlas, The Middle East and North Africa, 1960, 135 pages, 64 map plates in color, card bound, $42.50

East Asia

The set is complete

Volume 6 is now in stock

A Postal History of the Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in East Asia During the Second World War

Catalog Specialized de Sells e Historian Postal de la Republica Argentina


by Guillermo Alejando Jalil & José Luis Göttig

The book is in Spanish however it is extensively illustrated, all in color, and a logical organization. Priced in US $ as to mint, used, covers, etc. Starts with the Corrientes in much detail 11 pages, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Confederation, Republic through 2018 general issues, stamps, officials, telegraphs postal stationary, the classic stampless and early stamped covers. Large format, Two volumes totaling over 728 pages, large format, hard bound in paper case., $97.00, sold out

Argentine Maritime Postal History by Mario D. Kurchan The Maritime book on Argentina, good reading and reference, in English and Spanish 2002, 3rd edition, 444 pages, card, $40.00

Argentina, Tierra Del Fuego, the 1891 Postage Stamp and it's Usage by Brian Moorhouse and John C. West, 80 pages, 18 pages in color, cloth, published £20 plus transit, $45.00

Argentina, Corrents The Issues from 1856-80 by Louis Stitch, Col Club NY 1957, 88 pages, card, only one copy available, $40.00

Armenia Stamps
1919-1923, & Forgeries

by P. Clark Souers

An excellent following to Souers's work on the Forgeries of Common Stamps after World War I, Eastern Front, Balkans Caucasus. The same format, hundreds of details of stamps and forgeries illustrated

2020. 54 pages numerous full color, quality paper, card bound, illustrated, in stock $22.50

Ascension, The Postal History of Ascension, St. Helena & Tristan da Cunha by Edward B. Proud, 2005, 248 pages, cloth with dj,out of print, $170.00

Ascension, The Stamps and Postal History by J. H. Atwood 1981, 71 pages, cloth $40.00

Australia New Zealand UK Mails, to 1900, Rates Routes and Ships Out and Home

by Colin Tabeart

Covers in detail the major and minor shipping lines and routes, bibliography plus general and ship indexes, a partial listing of Vol 1

Limited stock

The Half-Lengths of Victoria:

The Stamps and Postal History 1850-59

by J.H. Barwis & R.W. Moreton

An exceptional work for those interested in these stamps, postal history and forgeries but for me there is another interest. The stamps were produced by classic stone lithographs, the same process and technology as my CSA general issues thus a study of the process is most useful., 2009, 475 pages, cloth with dj, 800 color illustrations, limited stock, $225.00

Australia, Australian Antarctic, Postal History 1911-1965 by Roy M. Milner 1975, 56 pages, one leaf addenda, 1980 and 1986 printings have the text corrected, card, $22.50

Australia, Tasmania, Stamps and Postal History by W. E. Tinsley 1986, PSL, 199 pages, cloth, sold out

Australia, Cancellations of Melbourne 1861-1912 by Davies, Linfield & Purves 1980, 63 pages, card, edition of 250, Royal of London, sold

Australia, New South Wales Numeral Cancellations by Brown and Campbell Besides what one would expect we have a listing of the PO opening dates 1977, second edition, 88 pages, cloth, $32.50, sold

Australia,Travelling Post Offices of South Australia by A. D. Presgrave Detailed account of the setting up of the railway, its mechanics, cancellations, etc., Another limited edition From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, 1998, 132+9 pages, card, published £25, $46.00

Australia, Victoria Postal Stationery 1869-1917 by Carl L. Stieg An excellent descriptive and priced catalog of Victoria, Australia, 2001, 219 pages, plastic prong binding, $50.00, sold

Australia, Instructional & Informative Markings of Victoria 1852-1913 by A. G. Rigo De Righi, A fine study of the markings. 1983, 20 pages, 127 illustration, card, $9.00

Australia, Aerogrammes of Australia and its Dependencies 1944-1980 by Stein 1985, 188 pages, cloth, $20.00

Australia, South, The Department Stamps by A. R. Butler 1978, 188 pages, one color plate, cloth, edition of 500, $125.00

Australia, Victoria the Half-Length Portraits and the Twopence Queen Enthroned by Charles Lathrop Pack, 1923, 273+17 pages, cloth, limited stock, $175.00

Australian Mails via Suez 1852 - 1926 by R. Kirk Detailed sailing data, the ships, intermediate ports & connections, dates. 1989, 324 pages, card, £32 plus transit, $82.50

Australia, only one copy of each

Monographs are all from the Hawthorn Press, editions limited to 300 copies, all VF South Australia Western Australia titles by Mogens Juhl The Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia by Alec. A. Rosenblum Australian Post Office Specialized Booklets, small specialized booklets, enameled paper and card bound. each $2.75 Australia and the South Pacific, various

The Austrian Post Offices in the Levant

Tchilinghirian and Stephen Revisited


Hans Smith FRPSL

2013, 188+ 32 pages, with 50 years of additions to Tchilinghirian pioneer work in color, in English, cloth with dust jacket, published £50.00 plus postage, sold out

Bahamas, The Postal History of Bahamas by E. B. Proud 2000, 392 pages, cloth, £45.00, $95.00

Bahamas, Stamps and Postal Stationery to 1970

by Peter Fernbank

From the RPSL, Considerable detail on adhesive stamps and the postal history, A much needed updating from Harold G.D. Gisburn's Bahamas book from the 1950's, no publicatio date but circa 2016, 344+12 pages, cloth with dj 40 £ + transit, $97.50

Bahamas, The Postage Stamps and Postal History of the Bahamas by H. G. D. Gisburn

Bahamas Post Offices by Gale J. Raymond, 1962, 8 pages, card, only one copy, $7.50

Bahamas Early Mail Service and Postal Markings by M. H. Ludington The postal history and postal markings to about 1975. 1982, 210 pages, cloth $110.00

Bahamas Temporary Rubber Datestamps and Cancellations by G. J. Raymond, 1960, 12 pages, card, only one copy $6.50

Balkans Revenues, by J. Barefoot, retail about £20, not yet out

Baltic State Revenues, by J. Barefoot Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Memel, and German WWI & WWII Occupation 1988, 40 pages, card, published £4, EP #9, $12.50

Baltic Postal Locations 1632-1917/18 by Harry v. Hofmann Gives the German, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian or Polish names for Russian place names. This second edition is much expanded over the previous which only covered 1858-1916. Invaluable for those interested in this area. 1996, 244 pages, card $50.00

British Consulate Post Office at Bankok 1855 to 1885


Michael J. R. Houder

A detailed study of the "B" overprints, cancellations and forgeries, a census of known covers, history of the service, from the Stuart Rossitor Trust.

2021, 454 pages, in color, hardback, published at 38 pounds plus postage, limited edition, $96.00 The Postal History of Barbados and Grenada by Edward B. Proud, 2006, 335 pages plus 4 in color, cloth with dj, £45 plus transit, $94.00

Under Three Flags

The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban American War

by Yamil H. Kouri Jr.

The philatelic aspect on all sides of the war with much related pertinent history.

The 27 chapters range on the Cuban side, from Military History, Cuban Postal Systems in and out of the Island, and Impact on Civilians; on the Spanish side, from Mail from Spanish Soldiers, Sailors, Military Posts, Military Hospitals and POW's, Spanish Patriotic Labels, Interrupted Mails, and Blockade Mail; and on the U.S. side from Mail from all the Military Camps in the United States, Patriotic Covers and Labels, Wartime Correspondence

Mail from American Soldiers, Sailors, Military Hospitals, Military Postal Stations in Cuba, their Postal Markings and Mail Categories, Military Camps in Cuba, Local Provisional Stamp Issues, Official Mail Envelopes, and the Postal Issues of 1899-1902. All three sides, Cuban, Spanish and American, are well covered; Postal Markings, Stamps, Labels, Maps, Documents, Photographs, Tables, etc. A detailed table of contents and a extensive index with listing: cities, army camps, ships, etc. 2019, 752 pages,1,600 illustrations, full color; cloth with DJ. Covers, bound in Buckram with gold stamping and a dust jacket. To a US mailing address $90.00 + $7.50 postage = $97.50 Grenada by E.D. Bacon and F.H. Napier, circa 1906, 173+ pages, card, excellent condition but should be cloth bound, $85.00

MonacoPhil 2009

in conjunction with Club de Monte Carlo 1999-2009 issued an exceptional set of six books, in color, hard bound with dust jackets, in French and English covering things relating to Belgium.

Belgium Postal Markings

La Poste Belge et ses Diverses Marques Postales de 1814 a 1914 by Louis Hanciau Well laid out thus the French text is not a great problem, all markings are in the back by type, 631 types in all. 1981 reprint of 1929 book, 474 pages plus 15 plates, cloth $55.00

Belgian Colonial

From the Azores to New Zealand, the Belgian Colonies on all six continents (1451-1916) their origins, history, and communication (pre-philately) by Patrick Maselis,

A major philatelic work; exceptional with respect to history, philately, overall production and at a most favorable price. The Belgian Colonial influence is far more than most of us suspected, there are 14 pages on New York alone, 28 on the Antarctic, 18 on New Zealand, 20 on Brazil, far more than just the Congo. Published with the assistance of the Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2005, large format (9.5 x 13 inches), 419 pages, in full color, in English, cloth with dj, $150.00

Belgium Post Offices, Dictionnaire Des Bureaux De Poste De Belgique de 1830 - 1983 by Albert Degreef. A listing of post offices, dates for openings, closings, class changes 1985, 550 pages, in French, $80.00, sold out

Belgium, Catalogue of Postmarks in Use During the German Occupation, 1914-1918 by Willy Van Riet 1982, 138 pages, cloth, in English, French & German $27.50

Belgium, Censure et Postes Militaires Belges 1914-1929 by René Silverberg All aspects of the Belgium Army Post and Censoring systems 1982, 2nd edition, 159 pages, 138 illustrations, cloth, in French $22.50

Belgium, Nomenclatuere Des Bureaux De Poste, De Belgique et du Nore de La France Occupés Guerre 1914-1918 by J. De Bast rre 1914-1918 by J. De Bast A detailed study of the WW I markings of Belgium and Northern France. 1990, circa 400 pages, with marking card, cloth, Dutch and French $45.00

Belgium,Les Chevaliers du timbre (De Ridders van de postzegel) The German invasions of Belgium, 1985, 116 + pages, in limp binder, in French, $27.50

Belgium, La Poste Belge Durant la Guerre de 1914-1919 by René Silverberg Belgian civil postal system and stamps during WW I. 1976, 122 pages, 88 illustrations, card, in French $12.00

Belgium, Les Oblitératins Mécaniques de Belgique de 1905 a 1920 by René Silverberg Belgium Machine cancellations, well illustrated 1988, 125 pages, card, French $22.50

Belgium, Les cachets "Ambulant" de la Belgique occupée 1914-1918 by De Grave The railroad cancellatins during the occupation. 1977, 24 pages, card, French, sold out

Belgium Cancellations by H. Koopman Fine booklets, each with an English translation by A. De Lisle, limited stock

Belgium, Les oblitérations sur l'émission de 1893 dit <> by Gonze The cancellatins found on Scott 60-75 1979, 38 pages, card, French $5.00

Belgium, Catalogue des Proes Belges 1894-1937 by Jean Lepingle Belgium precancels 1980, 120 pages, plastic binding, limited stock $18.50

Belgium, Catalogue National, Spécialisé "-10%" The most recent catalog of the -10% overprints, illustrated, by town 1976, 132 pages, Dutch and French, sold out

Bibliografie van de filatelie in Belgie by Robert Leroy Bibliography of philatelic literature published in Belgium with indexes by author and subject, listing of library locations, etc. Some notes in English. 1988 second edition, 298 pages, cloth, $52.50

Belgium Jean-Baptiste Moens 1833-1908 Pere De La Philatelie by Leclercq & Waroquiers A fine catalog of Moens' books and journals with rarity factors. Well illustrated and attractively presented, in French. 1981, 58 pages, cloth $35.00

Belgium Congo, Le Congo Belge et ses Marques Postales by Andre De Cock A fine study of all the markings from the postal ones to the revenue, telephone, and fake markings, etc, good drawings of markings. 1986 reprint of 1931 book, 1987 pricing guide, 217 pages, cloth with dj, French, $35.00, sold out

Belgium & Congo, Catalogue Illustre Des Essais des Timbres de Belgique et Congo Belge by Willy Grubben. Catalog of Essays, 251 illustrations. 1983 reprint of 1933 book, 120 pages, cloth, sold out

Belgian Congo, Mailboat Steamers on Congo Rivers & Lakes 1896-1940 by Gudenkauf, Covers the postal history and cancellations. 1985, 64 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 43, $11.00

Belgian Congo, Postal History of the Lado Enclave 1897-1910 by Abbe G. Gudenkauf, Belgian Congo Study Circle 1986, 144 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 44, $20.00

Belgian Colonies Postal Stationery by E. Norman Lurch Listing starts with the Congo Free State in 1886 through the Belgian Congo in 1908, Occupation of German East Africa, etc. to Katanga in 1960. Large map enclosed, also an acetate overlay for the 1910 overprints. 1989, 64 pages, card cover, autographed, sold out

Burma, The Postal History of Burma by E. B. Proud, 2002, 1000 pages, over 1000 post offices and about 4,500 postmarks illustrated, cloth, last published price £100, out of print

Bermuda, Crossroads of the Atlantic A Postal History

by Arthur H. Groten & David R. Pitts

A book written based on David Pitts collection but many more details and material and data than can not be properly put in an exhibit. 2017, 150 pages, extensive color, hard bound, with a CD in PDF format, $49.00

Bermuda, The Postal History of Bermuda by M. H. Ludington The standard work on Bermuda. 1961, 283+13+50 plates, cloth with dj, RL edition 1978, 432+13 pages, cloth with dj, revised and slightly expanded, Quarterman edition, $120.00

The Postal History of Bermuda by Edward B. Proud From the early days through the end of the Colonial period, 1970 2003, 432 pages, cloth with dj, £45 + transit, $100.00

Bermuda, Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps by Robson Lowe An outprint of Bermuda and British Honduras from Vol 5 of the Encyclopedia 1973, 128 pages, card, $18.50

Bermuda, King George VI Large Key Type Stamps of Bermuda, Leeward Islands, Nyasaland by Robert W. Dickgiesser and Eric P. Yendall Detailed study of the stamps, postal rates and revenue usages. 1985, 183 pages, cloth, sold out

Bermuda Packet Mails 1806-1886 by J.C. Arnell & M. H. Ludington Detailed sailing tables, ships, arrival and departure dates. 1989, 161 pages, card, $70.00, sold out

Bermuda Mails to 1865: An Inventory of the Postal Markings by Michel Forand and C. Charles Freeland About 650 entries covering Date stamps, Paid Stamps, Ship Letter and Forwarding Agents from 1820 to 1865. Tables of packet arrival and departure dates for 1827, 1842-50 and 1850-54. A table summarizing postal rates and an overview of the pre 1820 postal history. 1995, 124 pages, card $20.00

Bermuda Postmaster Stamps by Michel Forand 1990, 188 pages, cloth, 22 page article from 1990 APC book $25.00

Bermuda, Royal Mail Steam Packets to Bermuda and Bahamas by Ludington & Osborn 1971, 24 pages, 11 illustrations, 10 maps $4.50

Bermuda King George VI High Values by Robert W. Dickgiesser A detailed study of the printings and plate flaws. 1980, 59 pages, cloth, $30.00

Bermuda Registration Labels by Brad Arch Illustrations of the numerous types with period of use and catalog numbers. 1993, 24 pages, card $6.50

Intercepted in Bermuda, The Censorship of Transatlantic Mail during the Second World War by Peter A. Flynn Bermuda was the main point for censorship of mail going by air or ship between the Americas and Europe. There is much history on the service with a listing of the arrival and departure of planes from May 1939 through December 1945. The data base recording over 7,900 covers has permitted a detailed listing of the markings and there usage, the tapes, examiners, earliest and latest usages by examiner number, etc. Another limited edition book from the Collectors Club of Chicago, 2006, 235 pages, cloth, nquire first, $140.00

Bermuda, assundry, only one of each

Bolivia, Catalogo de Sellos de Correo de Bolivia by Editado y Propiedad del Centro Filatelico de Cochabamba,1960, 89 pges, card, $12.50

Borneo, The Stamps and Postal History of North Borneo by L.H. Shipman

Borneo, The Postal History of British Borneo by E. B. Proud Covers Brunei, North Borneo and Sarawak, 2003, complete revision of 1987 edition, 456 pages, cloth with dj, $125.00, one copy left

Borneo: The Japanese POW Camps by Neville Watterson, 1989, two volumes in slip case, 341 pages, total, card in slip case, only one available, $92.50, enquire first

Bosnia, Handbook and Catalogue, Postal History Bosnia & Herzegovina 1878 - 1918 by Berislav Sekelj, 2005, 384 pages, in color, card, in Croatian, German and English, the English text is excellent but not as extensive as the German however anyone interested in the subject should have little trouble, $63.50, sold out

Brazil 1844-1846 "Slanted Numerals" Handbook by Walter G. Tveira Covers the authentic stamps with emphasis on the issue, multiples and philatelic history along with 16 different forgeries,etc. ps with emphasis on the issue, multiples and philatelic history along with 16 different forgeries,etc. 2001, 628 pages, cloth, in English and Portuguese, some color illustrations, enquire

Bulls Eyes Stamps of Brazil by L. G. Brookman1943, 22 pages, out print from the AP, $15.00, sold out

Imperio Do Brazil 1843-1889, Centenar Handbook No. 3, published by the APS, 1943, 159 pages, card bound, $90.00, sold out

Steam Packets to Brazil, Paquetes a Vapor Para O Brasil, by Armando Mario O. Vieira Steam Packets from Europe to Brasil originating at or touching Lisbon. A much needed work, complete with sailing dates, in 1872 there were 11 different packet companies serving Brazil. A superb work but as it is printed in Portuguese most of us will have to be satisfied with the date in the tables of sailing dates, illustrated with fine covers. 1991, 309 pages, cloth, edition of 500, numbere

Correio Aero - A History of the Development of Air Mail Services in Brazil by William Victor Kriebel The development of the airlines that carried mail in and out of Brazil, Aeropostale, Lufthansa, LATI, NYRBA, Pan Am, Varg, Condor, etc Another fine volume from the AAMS, 1997, 200 pages, card, in English, $16.50

British Army Postal Service, Covers 1882 - 1963, markings, maps and history.

The British Post Office in Colombia 1821-1881 by Malcolm Bentley, 2010, 141 pages, illustrated in colour and black and white, cloth with dj, published at £40 plus £12 postage, $88.50

British Guiana, The Postage Stamps and Postal History of British Guiana by Townsend & Howe, published by The Royal Philatelic Society London, 1970, 424 pages, limited stock, $425.00

The Postal History of British Guiana by E. B. Proud 2000, 220 pages, cloth, £35.00, $80.00

British Indian Ocean Territory, History and Postal Markings of the BIOT, British and American Military Postal system by Pendleton , circa 2004, 61+ pages, card, $14.50

British Solomon Islands by Harold G. D. Gisburn, 1956, 111 pages, cloth, $60.00

British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Postal History of the U.S. Forces During World War II by Stanley C. Jersey, 1968, 96 pages, cloth

British Solomon Islands, Cancellation Study of the British Solomon Island Protectorate by Vernon, 1976, 22 pages, card, $10.00

British West Indies & Falkland Islands, British Empire Civil Censorship Devices of World War II, edited by Peter C. Burrows, 2010, about 150+ pages, wire spiral binding, limited edition, $32.00

British West African Mail Packets to 1900 by Colin Tabeart

Postage rates; the Royal Navy packets 1848-50, General Screw Steam Ship Co. packets 1850 to 1852; African Steam Ship Company's 1st, 2nd and 3rd contracts:Elder Dempster & Alfred Jones: the non-contract period 1872-3; first joint mail agreement with British & African Steam Navigation Co.; supplementary mails 1873-74 during the 2nd Ashanti War, etc, etc. to 1900, General and Ship Indexes, 2015, 560 pages, cloth, edition of 100, a 2019 reprint of 20 copies identical to the original, $135.00

Nepal Postal History, British-Indian Post Office in Nepal by Dr. Wolfgang C. Hellrigl The whole spectrum from the founding in 1816, early routes, inland and foreign postal rates, services, all known markings are illustrated, dated and allocated a point value, forged markings are illustrated and described. 1991, 200 pages, 16 color plates, 140 drawings, limited edition, 3 copies available $130.00, back in stock

Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire to the Kingdom, History, stamps and postal history 1840-1908

by Roberto Sciaky

2006, 120 pages, in English, card, $47.50

Brunei 1895 Star and Crescent Issue by Robson Lowe 1973, 32 pages plus one page of corrections, card $6.00

Brunei, Definitive Issues and Postal Cancellations to 1974 by Thorndike 1982, 52 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 34 $10.00

Burma Postal History by Gerald Davis and Denys Martin

Burma, An Annotated Bibliography of Burma Philately by Alan Meech Most readable, detailed and well produced listing of books articles and auction catalogs. 1993, 125 pages, 16 illustrations, card bound $40.00

The Postmarks and Postal History of Cameroun

Under French Administration - 1916-1959, by M. P. Bratzel Jr.

2021, 481+14 pages in full color, cloth bound, plus a CD having 658 searchable pages. Covers all phases of the philately from the development of the postal service, stamps and covers, handstamps, WW II, etc. edition of 100, limited stock, $95.00

The Postmarks and Postal History of the Camerooms Under British Administration 1916-1961

by M.P. Bratzel, Jr.1994, The original 1994 book is a detailed study illustrating over 225 postmarks, 17 pictures, 2 maps an 41 covers. For both the Northern and Southern Cameroons all facets from international mail routes, air, WW II censorship, postage due, free franks and even perfins are covered among others.

The Postal Tariffs of Cameroun under French Administration -- 1916-1961

by Marty Bratzel

All aspects of postal tariffs of the Cameroun under French administration. This is the most complete and best documented postal rate work that we know of; numerous rates are given along with other services such as money orders, C.O.D., postal cheques, reply coupons, debt collection, insurance, etc. Many covers are illustrated. 2007, 215+6 pages, searchable CD in pdf format having over 500 pages on the tariffs, spiral wire binding, $95.00

Cameroons Cameroons - Facets Covering Postal Censorship in Wartime, 1939-1945 by R. J. Maddocks, Cause and Effect of Postal Censorship 1989, card, Cockrill Booklet 58 $16.00

The Railroads of Camerooun and Associated Postal History by Marty Bratzel From the the first railroads of Cameroun that were laid by the Germans in 1901, the transition of World War I, during and through the British and French administrations, and after independence through to the present day. Railroad postmarks and their recorded dates of use, related Cameroun postage stamps, World War I-related covers, 138 railroad photographs, etc. 2009, 170 pages, spiral bound, $55.00, sold out

Wartime Revenue Stamps of Camerooun, A Critical Examination by M. P. Bratzel Jr. Covers 1940 - 1945, 8 issues, 50 different stamps and 15 major varieties. 1996, 47+4 pages, 9 pages in excellent color, card, $45.00, sold out

Dudley Cobb, is now deceased, his below four books were brought over from France as luggage, we have 4 sets of 4 volumes, each in English and French, imited stock each set $150.00

Cayman Islands, Postal History of the Cayman Islands by Giraldi and McCann, From the first PO in 1889 and the adhesive stamps in 1900 to the 1980's, markings and stamps, revenue, censorship, etc. etc. 1989, 184 pages, cloth $65.00, sold

Central America, Postal History and a Listing of Prephilatelic Postmarks edited by Leo J. Harris A fine and useful study, enjoyable to read however we must say the quality of the paper, printing and binding is not as one would expect for a book published in 1986 at $40.00. These faults are the publishers, not the compilers. 1986, 156 pages, card, limited stock $50.00

The Postal History of Ceylon by Edward B. Proud 2006, 934 pages, cloth with dj, published at £65 plus transit, $148.50

Ceylon Postal History 1857-1902 by Obré J. Sanders Special emphasis on the maritime mail, postage rates and regulations. 1999, 180 pages, 17 plates in color, cloth with dj, edition, 500, sold

Ceylon - Its Postal History 1914-19 Short handbook, with value guide covering a fascinating period. 1990, 12 pages, card UK £2.00, $3.50

Mail of the Czechoslovak Legions in France by Jaroslav J. Verner Am excellent coverage of the history and markings, WW I. Each page has two columns, one in English and the other in Czech, well printed, covers in full color. 2002, 84 pages, card, edition of 650 copies, $16.50

The Postal History of Chile by Hugo V. Brinkgreve & John C. West Covers markings from stampless through the 1940's Published by Proud-Baily, in English, 2002, 564 pages plus 8 color plates, cloth with dj, £50, $110.00

Chile: First Issues of Postage Stamps 1853-1867 by Gerhard Blank Covers printing characteristics and watermarks in detail; catalog of the stamps, covers, proofs and reprints with rarity factors. 1989, 180 pages, 16 color plates, 22+2 black and white plates

Chile, Postmarks of Santiago by Michael Rego From 1770 through circa 1940, main and branch post offices. 1984, 80 pages, card, edition of 250, well illustrated, $35.00

Chile, The Postmarks of Valparaiso by M. Rego & J. C. West In English, the general datestamps from 1853 to 1939 and the fancy killers used to 1880, 500 markings, much Maritime including shipping lines and postal arrangements, the British, French and US Consulates, etc. 1995, 200 pages, cloth edition, $37.50

Chile, The Traveling Post Offices of Chile by Sr. Emmerich Vamos Sz 1983, 32 pages, card, in English, $22.50

Chile, The Pacific Steam Navigation Company by A. R. Doublet A fine history of the company, ships, covers, markings and stamps. 1983, 80 pages, card, edition of 1,000, Royal of London, $32.50

Chinese Air Mail

An exceptional four volume set, all in full color, cloth bound, excellent, paper, printing and binding. Each book shows a complete exhibit, page-by-page, Three of the exhibits are written up in English, one in both English and Chinese, published by the Chinese Post & Telecom Press, circa 2014

Published at 1,680 yuan ($125.00 !) per volume, cloth bound and well produced, the full set $250.00

China, The Large Dragons 1878-1885 by P. W. Ireland 1978, 130 pages, cloth wit dj, some illustrations in color, only one copy available, $105.00

Notes on the "Chung Hwa" Forgeries by A. Charles Strong Mostly forged overprints on Postal Savings Stamps of China, Foreign PO in China, Danzig, Ukraine, Russian Occupation of Lithuania, Estonia, GB Officials, Russia - British Occupation of Batum, Polish Posts in Danzig, Japanese Occupation of North China. Forged Proofs of the Russian Romanov Dynasty 1913 set, China Large and Small Dragon, etc.

China, The Gee-Ma Forgeries by Robson Lowe 1980, 12 pages, card, illustrates 234 forged Chinese overprints, sold out, scans possible

China, From China and Tibet by Robson Lowe Letters written by missionaries in the interior, 1844-1865. 1981, 24 pages, self cover, enquire first, $12.50

Webb Hong Kong

The Philatelic and Postal of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports of China and Japan by Francis W. Webb A spectacular work on the subject and a magnificent book. 1994 reprint of 1961 book, this is the original RPSL reprint and not the Bendon one, 556 pages, cloth, new $195.00

Richard C. K. Chan collection of Hong Kong and Treaty Ports, March 6, 2003, Oct 15, 2003 & March 24, 2004 by Cavendish, with pr, $135.00

Cancerllations of the Treaty Ports of Hong Kong 1850-1930 by Hans Schoenfeld, 1988, about 100 pages, cloth, in English, $32.50, sold

The Royal Navy in Hong Kong since 1841 by Kathleen Harland, non-philatelic but of interest, circa 1995, 112 pages, card, onlyone copy available, $15.00

China, Postal History of Hong Kong, by Edward B. Proud

China, Postal Rate History of China and Hong Kong, the Pre-Adhesive Period to the Beginning of Packet Service from Hong Kong 1800-1845 by Lee C. Scamp. An excellent source of basic rate information. 1986, 304 pages, card, only one copy available, $95.000

China, Hong Kong, The Postal History of Pre-Adhesive, Dr. Peter Shek collection. Reproductions of Dr. Shek's well annotated album pages produced by Ming W. Tsang 1996, 182 pages, card, $50.00

China, Hong Kong and The Treaty Ports by Arthur White 1981, 160 pages, card (one used copy $25.00), $42.50

China,Hong Kong by Ming W. Tsang

China, Shanghai Large Dragons, The First Issue of The Shanghai Local Post by Dr. Wei-Liang Chow, 1996, 72 pages, card, in Englilsh edited by William L. Kullman, limited stock, $40.00

China, The Shanghai Postal System, The Stamps and Postal History by Charles W.Dougan, 1981, 214 pages, cloth, only one copy available, $110.00

China, A Comprehensive Illustation of Covers with Sinkiang Provisional Airmail Stamps, 1932-1933 by David Lu, Each cover is described in detail with full provenance, in both English and Chinese. Well printed with excellent English test though the general arrangement is strange. 2001, 256 pages with 8 in color, hard bound with dj (not card edition), $32.50

China, The Postage Stamps and Commemorative Cancellations of Manchouku/Manchukoku, Manchou Tukuo, Manchoukuo by Helen K. Zirkle, Collectors Club of New York handbook no 16, 1964, 131 pages, cloth

Colombia by Dieter Bortfeldt

Colombia, Private Mail Carriers of Colombia by Dieter Bortfeldt with Carlos Valenzuela A. and Alfredo Frohlich, Covers 62 different carrier companies operating from 1870 to 1960. 2006, 301 pages, full colour, $175.00, sold out

Handbook of Colombian Revenue Stamps by Alan D. Anyon

Another excellent book by the Colombian Philatelic Research society, 2009, 223 pages, in color, hard bound, sold ouf

Colombia, The Lansa Story, The Postal History of the Colombian Airline LANSA by Alfredo Frohlich & Dieter Bortfeldt, A comprehensive story of the history, covers, stamps and forgeries. 2005, 179 pages, in color, cloth, only one copy, $157.50

Colombia, Handbook of the SCADTA Provisional Surcharges 1921-1923 by Santiago Cruz & Dieter Bortfeldt, printed in Colombia but in English, new study of the provisionals including details on the forgeries, 2004, 120 pages, $155.00, sold our

Colombia, The Cordova Issue of 1899, Department of Antioquia by Dieter Bortfeldt, printed in Colombia but in English, 2005, 144 pages, in color, cloth. one copy only, $170.00 sold out

The Workbook, Notes on Reprints and Forgeries of Colombian Stamps, by Dieter Bortfeldt, FRPSL, AIEP

The Postal History of Costa Rica to 1883 by Richard C. Frajola and Frederick R. Mayer 2008, 200 pages, cloth, full color, $60.00

Costa Rica, Photographic Artwork and Essays from the American Bank Note Company Archives, circa 1910-1950 by Brian Moorhouse 2002, 32 pages, card, £6.00, $12.50

Costa Rica, Antologia Filatelica Costarricense by Comision Nacional DelSesquicentenario, 1971, 183 pages, card $32.50

Cuban Postal History Guide by Ferdindo J. Iglesias

The Postal Markings, 18th through the 19th century, in English with a rarity guide, covers the British & French PO in Cuba, US markings for Cuban mail, coastal mail steamers markings, etc. Enjoyable to read, 2017, 166 pages, full color, heavy paper, spiral bound, edition of 125, $70.00

In early 2018 we will have a spectacular book on the Spanish American War, 700 pages, covering every conceivable philatelic aspect.

A Handbook of the Stamps of Cuba by William McP. Jones and Rudy J. Roy, Jr by William McP. Jones and Rudy J. Roy, Jr

Covers all three periods, the first Spanish 1855-1898, the United States Administration 1898-1902 and the Republic 1902-1961. 2017 printing of the 2nd edition that appeared in 2011, 334 + 8 pages, full color, heavy paper, spiral bound, edition of 50 copies but more can be made, $80.00

Cyprus, The Postal History of Cyprus by E. B. Proud 1998, 688 pages, cloth, £55.00 plus transit, $107.50

Cyprus 1353-1986, history, postal history and postage stamps by W. F. Castle Note, 1952 edition has detailed forgery article by Patton which is not in later editions.

Rural Post of Cyprus, 1886-2000 by Ken Lewis, CD Rom, For details please see Cyprus

Cyprus by Brenda M. Goodwin

Curacao, A Postal History of Curacao by F. W. Julsen and A.M. Benders, 1976, 626 pages, cloth with dj, one copy available, $120.00

Cyprus, The Postal Surcharge and Revenue Stamps of Cyprus by Bols 1979, 12 pages, self cover, 27 illustrations $7.50

Czechoslovakia, Bibliography by John Velek 1970, 1st Quarter, PHILATELIC LITERATURE REVIEW $2.50

Czechoslovakia,Mail of the Czechoslovak Legions in France by Jaroslav J. Verner Am excellent coverage of the history and markings, WW I. Each page has two columns, the left is in English and the right in Czeck, well printed, covers in full color. 2002, 84 pages, card, edition of 650 copies, $13.50

Czechoslovakia, Mail Service in the Ghetto Terezin 1941-1945 by Frantisek Benes and Patricia Tosnerova. A beautiful written and produced book, hard bound in paper case with slip case, in four languages including English. 1995, 344 pages with 15 color plates, limited stock $112.50

Czechoslovakia Revenue by J. Barefoot 2001, 55 pages, card, £7, $14.00

Denmark, An Introduction to the Postal History of Denmark 1624-1950 by David Cornelius From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2004, 344 + 22 pages, cloth, dj, £38 plus transit, $87.50

Danish Postal Stationery by S. Ringström Denmark, Danish West Indies, Schleswig and Iceland from 1871 to 1984. 1985, 218 pages, cloth

Denmark, Danish Numeral Cancellations 1852 - 1884 by Hansen and Tester Extremely comprehensive, besides cancellations there is much postal history, information on the adhesives, maps, bibliographies, etc. 1988, 178 pages, card, recommended $25.00, sold out

Denmark, Catalog of Scandinavian Revenue Stamps by Paul A. Nelson

Denmark, The Railway Post Offices of Denmark by Anthony M. Goodbody 1979, 27 pages, card, in English $12.50

Denmark 2 Rigsbank-Skilling 1851-1852 by Sten Christensen The stamps, postal history, Danish rates from 1522 to 1851, all in English, The stamps are covered from the manufacture of the paper and watermark, the printing plates and printings, first by line engraving and then typography, the burelage. The plating of the stamps is covered in great detail as are the fifteen types of forgeries. Four plating quality facsimiles covering 248 positions are tipped in. A fine section on the postal history. 1981, 160 pages, cloth, 337 illustrations, 248 facsimiles, $32.50

Denmark, Private Local Posts of Denmark by Christensen & Ringström A scholarly work that has been beautifully produced, all in English. Each post starts with it's history, photographs and maps then a catalog priced in US $ for the stamps and stationery, many stamps are plated with enlarged photographs showing the characteristics, covers and cancellations. Color is well used, the maps are excellent, old photographs and prints are in appropriate tones, some stamps in color, as are reproductions of documents.

Danish West Indies Mails, 1754-1917 by Victor E. Engstrom

Postal History of the US Virgin Islands, formerly the Danish West Indies by J.Alfred Birch, 1966, 40 pages, card, $16.50

Dominician Republic,

The Classic Stamps

by Danilo A. Mueses

An excellent study of the stamps, postal history and forgeries, in Spanish and English, the outer column in Spanish and the inner in English, almost paragraph for paragraph thus excellent for some one wanting to brush up on the language, 2001, 240 pages, in color, card, $65.00

Ecuador, Postal History and a Listing of Prephilatelic Postmarks by Leon J. Harris, Percy Bargholtz and Rodrigo Paez T. 1984 appeared 1985, English & Spanish edition, circa 150 pages, cloth, $145.00

Ecuador: The Philately of the Seebeck Era

January 1892 to Mid-June 1897 its Stamps, Proofs, Postal Stationery and Postal History

by Robert A. D'Elia, FRPSL and Douglas B. Armitage, FRPSL Bill Welch, FRSPL, Editor

The stamps are most detailed and the postal history is more than adequate. Extensive illustrations and text on the many overprints and surcharges, genuine and forged, and is complete with a full index and bibliography. The book is designed as a teaching tool, to allow the reader to learn, in detail, about these stamps, proofs, postal stationery, and their postal history, and especially, how to recognize the genuine stamps and overprints from their reprints and forgeries. It also, indirectly, provides a guide for collectors of the stamps of other Seebeck Countries. The edition is numbered and our copies autographed, edition limited to 204 copies. 2005, 407 + 31, pages, 16 pages in color, cloth, $237.50

The Egyptian Maritime Postal History, 1845-1889

by Hany Salam

A scholarly and well document philatelic and historic treatment of the various Egyptian Maritime ventures. It starts with a most readable, early Egyptian attempts and continues to have a maritime presence with both Egyptian and Foreign services, ie Grabhorn's Overland, about 1850. It continued with the Egyptian Merchant Navy's numerous ventures to 1889. A most complex period.
2019 from the Club de Monte-Carlo, In English and French with each paragraph or caption adjacent in both languages, 105 pages, large format, full color, cloth with dj, 2019 from the Club de Monte-Carlo, In English and French, each section is complete in one volume and run 296 pages for 582 in all, large format, full cover, cloth with dj, $70.00 Egypt, Stamps and Posts of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by Gisburn & Thompson 1947, 120 pages, cloth with dj, $55.00

Egypt, 19th Century Campaigns in Egypt and the Sudan by John Firebrace Fourteen campaigns from the French 1798-1801 through the Nile Expedition, 1897-1900, the basic history and postal history followed by pages from the author's collection. 1997, 218+10 pages plus 8 color plates, published £40, $80.00


The Nile Post, Handbook and Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps by Joseph H. Chalhoub Covers most aspects and in considerable detail and all is in English: 72 pages on essays, 124 on definitives, 257 pagers on commemoratives, etc. to the special stamps, Suez Canal, French Consular, Postal Stationery, issues for Palestine, Sudan, etc. 2003, 784+24+32 color plates, well produced, a massive 7 lbs in wt, cloth with dj, $135.00

Egypt, Postal History of Egypt to 1900 by Samir Amin Fikry From the Royal Philatelic Society of London but not up to there usual standards, The work is arranged into five sections: Pre-Adhesive, Foreign Consular Post Offices, Egyptian Posts in the Suez Canal Zone and Fifth Viceroy and Offices Abroad. 1996, 176 pages 48 plates in color, cloth, sold out

Egypt Stamps & Postal History A Philatelic Treatise by Peter A.S. Smith, 1999, 874 pages, cloth with dj, $420.00, sold out

Egypt, The Kings of Egypt and Their Stamps 1860-1960 by Robson Lowe Essays of Egypt, a collection formed by Mackenzie-Lowe and King Fouad. 1969, 40 pages, 51 illustrations in color, 186 half-tones, card, sold out

The F.I.P. Guide to Exhibiting and Judging Traditional and Postal History Exhibits by Robert P. Odenweller and Paul H. Jensen. Of special interes as the first two issues of Egypt are used as examples for the material is seldom shown thus few have any preconceived expectations. 1994, Two parts, 27 pages text, 64 pages in excellent color, card, one copy available $50.00

Egypt, Suez Canal Company, The Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World Vol. 3 by Ringström, Tester and Boulad d'Humières. 1985 288 pages plus enlarged 40c Saatjian sheet, cloth, $45.00

Heinrich Köhler, Wiesbaden Germany

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