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Robson Lowe or Robby to his many friends was one of the all time great philatelic students and publishers of quality philatelic literature. a World Class Philatelist in all Respects! Thought I didn't meet Robby for many years after, it was SIPEX in Washington, 1966 that we started to become familiar with the Robson Lowe people and have had a close relation and stocked there publications ever since as both new and used volumes. Robby's death at 92 on August 19, 1997 leaves a void that will not soon be filled.

The stock RL titles are treated through the respective listings in greater detail but this abbreviated collation may prove useful. Stock titles are those with a price. Those without a price are reference listings and are normally not in stock though they may come in from time to time. Titles by RL but not actually published by him are also listed. At this time we have no plans to list journals or auction catalogs.

This page is still under construction and will show many changes in the months to come. As time permits and if it proves useful to our readers it will be much expanded. Many titles are most certainly missing and the descriptions incomplete, some may have been included in error. Leonard


Philatelist Index, 1866-1876 and 1934-1974 by James Negus 1976, 150 pages, cloth, edition of 200, one copy left, $95.00

A Glossary of Abbreviations found on Handstruck Stamps by Leslie Ray 1959, 12 pages, card


The Inland Posts 1392 - 1672, A Calendar of Historical Documents Edited by J. W. M. Stone 1987, 342 pages, cloth, $30.00

The Development of European Forwarding Agents by Patrick Frost The Corsini and Venturini archive finds, not in 1984 Rowe FA book. 1987, 16 pages, self cover, $15.00

Historical Letters to Gratious Street, London 1570 - 1601 by Robson Lowe 1988, 44 pages, card, $22.50

British Postage Stamps of the 19th Century by Robson Lowe Published by the National Postal Museum, The Brookman for British Stamps.

Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P. C. Litchfield

British Line Engraved Stamps Repaired Impressions, 1855-1879, 1982, 340 pages, 1 sheet addenda, cloth, $150.00

Unpaid and Underpaid Mail 1840 to 1921 in England and Wales by Johnson 1982, 32 pages, card, illustrates 483 charge marks, $4.50

Newspaper Postage Stamps by Robson Lowe & John Chandler 1980, 12 pages, self cover, $3.25

Posted in Advance for Delivery on Christmas Day by Cyril Kidd 1974, 16 pages, self cover, $4.00

My Post Office Journal by Rowland Hill 1954, 24 pages, card

British Empire

The Regency Stamp Catalogue 1933-34, 422+34 pages, cloth

Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire by Robson Lowe

Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire 1680-1900 by Robson Lowe 1940-41, 3rd edition, 330 pages, 1 fold out plate, advertising, cloth

Numeral Cancellations of the British Empire by Henry H. Heins

Spoon Cancels 1853-1870, Spoon Study Group by Richard Arundel , 1992, 80 pages, spiral binding, $12.00

A Crimean War study by a Postal Historian by F.X. Piat Dewavrin, 1997, 63 pages, card, $20.00

The Overland Mail by John K. Sidebottom, One might rightly say this is not a true RL title but please note it is from Woods & Son in Perth to Robby being the Chairman of the PHS to the Waghorn, we say Robby. 1948, 174+11 pages, cloth, dust jacket,

Encyclopedia of the Empire

Robson Lowe, Encyclopedia of the Empire Please see our GB section for the out of print volumes.

Colonial Posts in the US of America 1606-1783 by Horowicz & Lowe A most useful and convenient listing with a different slant from the above, after all during this period we were British! 1973, 64 pages, card, direct outprint from the RL Encyclopedia, $20.00

Volumes 1 revised, 2, 3 & 4 of The Encyclopedia of the Empire was reprinted or bound as the Billig's Philatelic Handbook series, Volumes 34 - 43. by HJMR.

British Empire Review 1961-1968 Highlites from RL auctions, 1969, 92 pages, cloth with dj, $10.00

The De La Rue Key Plates by Robson Lowe 1979, 36 pages, card, a fine study of the proofs, $9.50

The De La Rue Punch Book by Robson Lowe 1987, 24 pages, self cover, RPS London, $18.50

Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons, Part 1 by Colin Fraser and Robson Lowe 1985, 124 pages, well illustrated and annotated, card, $25.00


The Oneglia Engraved Forgeries Commonly Attributed to Angelo Panelli by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske A serious study of the engraved forgeries made by Erasmo Oneglia. Oneglia's work totals 788 recorded classic stamps from 30 countries including the US, fine engravings, a number of which were originally surface printed stamps. A major contribution to the study of the forgers and their forgeries. 1997, 104 pages, cloth, $55.00

The Oswald Schröder Forgeries by Robson Lowe An excellent study of this little known forger, well illustrated 1981, 20 pages, self cover, well illustrated, $5.50

The Gee-Ma Forgeries by Robson Lowe 1980, 12 pages, self cover, $22.50

The Romagna by Donald S. Patton 1953, 32 pages, card plus 4 pages text in wrapper, enquire first, $37.50


Paquebot Markings by Edwin Drechsel History of Wreck Covers by Adrian Hopkins 1966, 3rd edition, 188 pages, cloth, mostly maritime, a few RR, op $42.50

The Irish Mail by Cyril Kidd 12 pages, self cover

Ship Letter Stamps of Liverpool by Alan W. Robertson 1953, 12 pages, $5.00

The Ship Letter Stamps of Ireland and the Irish Free State by Alan W. Robertson 1954, 20 pages, self cover

U.S.A. Consular Post Offices in Japan by J.D. & S. Riddell 12 pages, self cover,

Cancellations of The Greek Steamship Companies 1856-1900 by D. Samaras, 1964, 16 pages, card

Other Countries

Afghanistan, The Afghan Campaign 1841-43 by Peter Collins An analysis of the 148 letters in Captain Riddell's correspondence, much history and postal history. 1973, 28 pages, card $9.50

Africa, The P.H. and Handstamps of British West Africa by C. McCaig 1978 reprint of 1974 booklet, 64 pages, card, excellent study, $12.50

Africa,Transvaal 1878-1880 by Robson Lowe 1973, 24 pages, 50 illustrations, card, a fine plating study, $15.00

Africa, Mashonaland - A Postal History 1890 - 1896 by Drysdall and Collis 1990, 184 pages, cloth, edition of 500 copies, $74.00

Africa, Nyasaland - Rhodesia Field Force 1914-18 by Drysdall & Pennycuick 1986, 148 pages plus 5 fold out tables, card, one copy available $37.50, sold

Africa, The Cancellations of The Rhodesias and Nyasaland by H,C. Dann 1950, 85 pages, cloth with dj

Africa, Stamps and Postal History of Northern Rhodesia and Zambia 1963-1965 by Alan R. Drysdall 1976, 40 pages, card, $6.50

Africa, Rhodesia 1913 Admirals by Gerald Simpson Excellent work on the printings and varieties from Robson Lowe. 1976, 12 page self cover, $3.50

Andorra-Andorre by W. A. Jacques

Antigua, Codrington Correspondence, 1743-1851 by Robson Lowe 1968, 124 pages, cloth, $32.50

Ascension, The Stamps and Postal History by J. H. Atwood 1981, 71 pages, cloth, $40.00

Australia, Australian Antarctic, Postal History 1911-1965 by Roy M. Milner 1975, 56 pages, one leaf addenda, 1980 and 1986 printings have the text corrected, card, $22.50

Australia, New South Wales Numeral Cancellations by Brown and Campbell Besides what one would expect we have a listing of the PO opening dates 1977, second edition, 88 pages, cloth, $30.00

Australia, Instructional & Informative Markings of Victoria 1852-1913 by A. G. Rigo De Righi, 1983, 20 pages, 127 illustration, card, $9.00

Bahama Islands, a History and Catalogue of the handstamps and cancellations 1802-1967 by Ludington and Raymond, 1968, 66 pages, cloth

Bermuda, Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps by Robson Lowe An outprint of Bermuda and British Honduras from Vol 5 of the Encyclopedia 1973, 128 pages, card, $16.50

The Postal History of Bermuda by M. H. Ludington The standard work on Bermuda. 1961, 283+13+50 plates, cloth with dj, RL edition of 265 copies, one copy only, $285.00 1978, 432+13 pages, cloth with dj, Quarterman edition, limited stock, $195.00

Bermuda, Royal Mail Steam Packets to Bermuda and Bahamas by Ludington & Osborn 1971, 24 pages, 11 illustrations, 10 maps, $5.50

British New Guinea and Papua, Postal History by Roger Lee 1983, 120 pages, 283 illustrations, cloth published by RL, $85.00, sold

British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Postal History of the U.S. Forces During World War II by Stanley C. Jersey 1968, 96 pages, cloth $35.00

Brunei 1895 Star and Crescent Issue by Robson Lowe 1973, 32 pages plus one page of corrections, card, $6.00

Burma Postal History by Gerald Davis and Denys Martin

Canada, The Small Queens of Canada by John Hillson Second edition is a wonderful expansion, a small book but much useful information, stamps, proofs, printing, postage rates, etc.

China, The Large Dragons 1878-1885 by P. W. Ireland 1978, 130 pages, cloth wit dj, some illustrations in color, only one copy available, $105.00

The Gee-Ma Forgeries by Robson Lowe Forged overprints and cancellations of China, Japanese Occupation, G.B. and Tibet. Robson Lowe's one page on Gee-Ma is a delight to read, illustrates 234 forged Chinese overprints. 1980, 12 pages, self cover, edition said to be 250, $22.50

Cyprus 1353-1986, history, postal history and postage stamps by W. F. Castle Note, 1952 edition has detailed forgery article by Patton which is not in later editons.

Cyprus, The Postal Surcharge and Revenue Stamps of Cyprus by Bols 1979, 12 pages, self cover, 27 illustrations, $3.00

Egypt, The Kings of Egypt and Their Stamps 1860-1960 by Robson Lowe 1969, 40 pages, 51 illustrations in color, 186 half-tones, card

Falklands, Cancellations of the Falkland Islands and The Dependencies by James Andrews 1956, 56 pages, cloth, sold out

Falklands, Postal Cancellations of the Falkland Islands by Robert Barnes 1982, 144 pages, cloth

Falklands, Postal Service of the Falkland Islands by Robert Barnes

The Falkland Islands Printings of The Pictorial Issue of 1938-1949 by C. E. Glass 1979, 20 pages, card

The Gambia by R. E. R. Dalwick 1953, 66+7 pages, cloth, one copy available $32.50

The Stamps and Postal History of The Gambia, edited by J.O. Andrew for the West Africa Study Circle, 1985, 172 pages, 8 color plates, cloth, $37.50

Germany, G.R.I. The Postage Stamps of the German Colonies occupied by the British, 1914-1918 by Robert M. Gibbs 1988, 290 pages, 30 in full color, cloth, only one copy available, $235.00

Gibraltar, Posted in Gibraltar, Illustrated Postal History by Hine-Haycock

Guatemala A Handbook on the Postal History and Philately edited by Roland A. Goodman, The International Society of Guatemala Collectors

Guatemala Postal Use of Its Fiscal Stamps and Fiscal Use of its Postal Stamps by J. C. Andrews 1971, 12 pages, self cover, $6.50

Hamburg by D. S. Patton 1963, 56 pages + 20 page booklet in pocket, cloth, one copy available, $82.50

India, Numbers in Early Indian Cancellations 1855-1884 by D. R. Martin 1970, 140 pages, cloth

India, Overseas Letter Postage From India 1854-1876 by Martin & Blair 1975, 72 pages, cloth

Cochin Postmarks and Cancellations by G.B. Pai,1974, 93+18 pages, large format, cloth with dj

India, 1854 Identification of Essays, Proofs and Reprints by Spence 1975, 158 pages, cloth, 42 illustrations in color

Indian Field Post Offices 1903-04 by Robson Lowe 1979, 12 pages, self cover, $8.50

India, Catalogue of the Handstruck Postage Stamps of India by D. Hammond Giles A much welcome new volume, the new edition is a major expansion of the original 1960 and 1967 books with respect to the markings. Don't discard your original editions as the 200+ pages on postal rates are not included. Only the 1989 and 1993 editions were published by RL.

Ionian Islands, The Postal History of the Ionian Islands by D. Zaphiriou 1987, 265 pages text & 298 pages appendix, 3 large plates separate, $135.00

Iraq, Influence of Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd on the postage, official and revenue stamps by Robson Lowe. Covers 1914-1965. 1984, 24 pages, card, well illustrated, edition 400, $9.00

Ireland, 1922 Ireland 1972 by Robson Lowe 16 pages, card

Ireland, The Irish Mail by Cyril Kidd 12 pages, card

Israel, The Running Stag, The Stamps and Postal History of Israel by Meir Persoff, 1973, 115 + 8 pages, cloth with dj, $52.50

Pakistan Overprnts on Indian 1848-49 by D. R. Martin, 1959, 8+92 pages, cloth with dj

ItalyThe Romagna by Donald S. Patton 1953, 32 pages, card

Jamaica, Postal History 1662-1860 by Thomas Foster An extremely fine work at a low price, attractive, scholarly & useful. 1968, 180 pages, cloth, $30.00

Japanese Military Forces in the Solomon Islands by S. C. Jersey 1984, 40 pages, card, edition 500, $12.00

Japanese Occupation Postmarks of Malaya by Patrick N. Kearney 1990, 128 pages, cloth, $65.00

Malta, Postal History and Postage Stamps 1576 to 1960, edited by Martin

Malta, The Knights of Malta, The Lazara Correspondence by Robson Lowe 1789-1797 period, the French Revolution, much history. 1987, 36 pages, card, $12.00

Mexico, British Postal Agencies in Mexico City, Vera Cruz and Tampico, 1825-1876 by John M. Heath 1974, 22 pages, 17 illustrations, 1 map, card, $4.00

British Empire Campaigns and Occupation Near East, 1914-1924, A Postal History by John Firebrace 1991, 460 pages with 100 pages of illustrations, $250.00

Ottoman Empire, Postal Cancellations by John H. Coles and Howard E. Walker

Seychelles Postage Stamps & Postal History by H. V. Farmer 1955, 123 pages, cloth, limited stock, $75.00

Sierra Leon, The Postal Service of Sierra Leon, its History, Stamps and Staionery until 1961 by Philip O. Beale 1988, 252 large pages plus 4 color plates, cloth, $120.00

St. Helena Postal History and Stamps by Edward Hibbert 1979, 208 pages, four color plates, cloth

St. Vincent by A. D Pierce, J. L. Messenger & Robson Lowe 1971, 184 + 16 pages, full leather in slip case, sold out 1971, 184 + 16 pages, cloth, $135.00

Thailand The Waterlow Proof Sheets 1917-1960 by Peter Collins 1981, 68 pages, card, edition of 500, $15.00

Thailand, Mail to and from Prisoners of War and Civil Internees 1942-45 by the Thailand Philatelic Society 1985, 24 pages, card, $8.50

Tibet, The Postal History of Tibet by Arnold C. Waterfall 1981, 188 pages, cloth, slightly revised from 1966 edition, $95.00

Tibet, From China and Tibet by Robson Lowe 1981, 24 pages, self cover, enquire first, $12.50

U.S.,St. Vincent to Florida by Walter Skine 1965, 8 pages, self cover $7.50 sold out

U.S. A. Consular Post Offices in Japan by John. D. and Sheila Riddell 12 pages, self cover

U.S.,Private Local Posts of the US., Vol 1 by Donald Patton 1967, 350 pages, cloth, $45.00

Uganda, The Uganda Missionaries by Robson Lowe 1974, 8 pages, self cover, packed with information, $5.00

Auctions and Related

Robson Lowe Auctions, initial unnumbered sales (1938) through #4810 ('83) Robson Lowe Postal History, sales #1, October 1936 - #356, November 1979

Robson Lowe, Bournemouth Stamp Auctions, #100, June 1944 - #4089, September 1976

Robson Lowe Philadelphia Sales, 1947 - 1951, 36 sale, not numbered

Robson Lowe Review, 1938-84

Donald S. Patton collection, USA I and II, RL-Basel, March 15, 1972

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