The Postal History

and Markings of

The Forwarding Agents

by Kenneth Rowe

The 1996 edition is much expanded from the last in 1984; we now have 80 additional cities, changes in the listings for over 400 agents and the addition of over 1,200 new ones.

From the first edition in 1966, Ken Rowe's Forwarding Agents has always been arranged by City and then the First Surname to appear in the marking. This order is most logical for the collector the basic to the agent. The agent remained in one place, he saw that the mail was sent by the most appropriate means but did not carry it.

For the second edition in 1984 we wanted a cross index as it isn't always evident where the agent was located. For handstamped markings the city it is perhaps evident for 80 % of the usages. For manuscript markings it is more difficult; one must contend with varying penmanship, foreign languages and abbreviations. We added a cross index of agents, by the first surname, this is of some value but is not the answer.

For the 1996 edition we decided not to print an index of agents as there is a better option, the computer!

You can search this Agent by City listing on line, download it or from a floppy disk that is available with the book. As an option with the 1996 edition we offer a disk contains several files that can be search by an IBM or compatible computer, the Internet file is also on this disk.

BE WARNED, this is a large file and will be slow to load, 130 K; 45 seconds at best and perhaps several minutes depending on your system, by clicking on Forwarding Agent Search File you will bring up a complete listing of the Agents by City.

Search: To search this file, use the Document or Local Search function and not a Web Browser.

This search function is usually found under the Edit or File heading and may be titled Search, Find or Find In this Document, etc..

The agents are in numbered lists with the city on the top. If you want to find Borradaile but can't read the "B" just search for "orradaile" or better yet a shorter string should another letter be unclear say "orrada". When you find a match just scroll to the top of the list for the City. Then look it up in the book for the full details.

After finding a match repeat the search; the same characters may also be in other agent names and cities. You may be able to search on a case sensitive basis, ie to distinguish Borra from borra and to search in the up and or the down direction in the file. Some Browsers have a Search Again button. The IBM Web Browser is excellent as is Netscape, Mosaic works but is not as attractive, we have no experience with others.

The book is Now in Stock published May 13, 1996. For information on the Search Files on the disk please see Read Me File for Disk


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